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Merchant Terminal

iBank Stablecoin XPOS device is powered by Pundi X. iBank's partner, the Pundi X, started in 2017 as a provider of cryptocurrency sales solutions. 

Blockchain-integrated payment system, on top of the regular POS features, is now capable of accepting and processing cryptocurrencies that may enrich the retail experience for both merchants and consumers. It is a marriage between inventory management and exchange platform. The deployment of the iBank Stablecoin XPOS system is anticipated to bring blockchain-enabled payment technology to the mainstream, while keeping transactions seamless and cost-effective.

iBank XPass

Customers use the iBank XPass card to conduct transactions, just like how they use the metro top-up card. The iBank XPass card contains the private key information, encrypted.

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Price: $35

iBank Stablecoin XPOS

Price: $35 monthly subscription plus 1-time installation fee of $1250

iBank Stablecoin XPOS is a smart device that is built to distribute cryptocurrency and is connected to the blockchain, so that each transaction is recorded. Consumers use iBank Stablecoin XPOS to buy physical goods using cryptocurrency. 


A software-only iBank Stablecoin XPOS is designed to run on Android and iOS tablets and is a special purpose version of the consumer mobile wallet app. Since each iBank Stablecoin XPOS device is connected to the web, software and feature updates can be performed remotely. For example, an update may introduce new blockchain features; schedule the sale of new ERC20 tokens; or arrange for a new cryptocurrency to be issued through an ICO.

Use cryptocurrency in the pass card to purchase items.

Add value to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Purchase BTC, ETH, BNB and other cryptocurrencies by cash, credit card, stablecoin etc.

Sell cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB etc. to get cash.


iBank Crypto Retail Marketing Consultancy Service

Price: $5,888

The iBank Crypto Retail Marketing Consultancy Service includes the following services:

  • Training Sessions: Actionable guides through the crypto purchase and sales cycle 

  • Marketing Campaign: Work through marketing campaign with Merchant at their store through crypto payment process (6 hours) 

  • Support: 20 hours support by email and in-person meetings and 1-month social media campaign

For partnership inquiry, please contact us at info@ibankdigital.io.